Mentoring Service

Open to: Short, Long, or Novel-Length Fiction

Limit: 100,000 words

What You’ll Submit: Your manuscript of short, long, or book-length fiction

What You’ll Get: For full manuscripts, you will receive an in-depth assessment letter of at least 5 pages in length. For shorter works, you’ll receive a 2 page assessment letter. I will approach your draft work with the same diligence I apply to my own, believing that the best respect given to any work-in-progress is to take it seriously. References available upon request.


  • Up to 25,000 words: $600
  • Up to 25,001–50,000 words: $1,200
  • Up to 50,001–100,000 words: $1,500


  • Prose up to 25,000 words: 2 weeks
  • Prose up to 50,00 words:   4 weeks
  • Prose 50,001-100,00 words: 6 weeks


Six Month  Packet Exchange

You will send a packet of up to 25 pages of your work to me each month and a cover letter. I will respond with a letter of at least three pages every time. Two packets will also contain a short (1-3 pages) critical assessment of a published author’s work; the expectation being not so much for a scholarly paper as an opportunity to expand your engagement with the larger fictional “conversation,” as well as the one we will be having with each other. We will conclude the six month period with a phone call.

Turnaround: Ten days
Price: $3,000
References available upon request


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