A lovely starred review!

“With this tale, Rickert can build an audience that will marvel at her witchy talents.”


“”Best of all, in a brilliant alchemical turn, Rickert transforms the lead-weight problem of indecisive identities into storytelling gold in this bewitching marvel of a book.”


“I’ve seldom read a book as gentle, and yet as powerful as The Memory Garden.”


The Memory Garden is a lovely book of women, friendship, sadness and healing, and it is genuinely uplifting. Like the garden of its title, this is a book to take in slowly, to spend time in, to wander through; you’ll likely find yourselves the better for it.”


“Fifteen years into her career, though, it began to seem hopeless to wish for a novel from her.  And yet, life being full of miracles, here such a charming beast crops up, issued under her full name and proving just as rich and resonant as her short fiction.”


“This is a novel haunted by mortality — with people who died young, with people now old and dying, with ghosts. But it is often a joyful novel, a novel of life, forgiveness and good meals with friends and strangers.”


“Rickert writes with a blend of poetical language and dark suspense…”


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