What I found and what I lost

I decided to take a summer vacation on my front porch. When we bought this bungalow seven years ago, I thought it had a lovely little foyer. What a nice entrance, I thought, too bad there’s not really enough room for a coatrack, and those windows, which open inward, won’t allow for hat hooks either. Little did I know that this narrow space would become one of my favorite rooms in the house. I found a loveseat at a garage sale, and an old wicker chair that I covered with a red and white comforter.  Our golden retriever, Watson, and our cat, Goethe, Bill and I spent many hours together on the porch before the animals died. In those days we learned that if one of us moved, we all did, because that’s the dynamics of shared space.  After my mother’s death, I inherited a small round table that I tucked on the porch, thinking it would be out of the way while I decided where to put it, and there it remains.  It’s the perfect place to set down my cup of tea or reading glasses. What I learned on my summer vacation is that devotion can be the stack of papers it takes to write a novel, or the pink bud vase on my mother’s table, currently holding a small bouquet of September’s flowers: Chinese Lanterns, Black-eyed Susans and Queen Anne’s lace.  I hope you had a lovely summer. I hope you have found your devotion, and your space.


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